Meet Rochelle Jacobs

Rochelle Jacobs

Owner of The Pole Barn Studio, Stillwater MN

The Pole Barn Studio offers unique classes in Pole, Ballet, Silks, Flex and Dance Fitness designed to provide a new and innovative way to stay in shape, improve self-esteem and have fun while working out. It is also an ideal location to host your next Birthday Party, Bachelorette Party, or Ladies Night out!

Rochelle is a mother of two (19 year old daughter and 12 year old son) and has lived in Stillwater almost 20 years.

Rochelle says, “fitness was always something I felt I had to do, but never really wanted to do, until I found Pole and Silks.”

What makes you passionate?

Like many other young girls, my mom enrolled me in dance class when I was 3 years old. I took ballet, jazz and tap until I was 18 years old. I was a cheerleader briefly in high school but beyond that, dance was my only sport. I was good at dance and extremely flexible.

After turning 18, the only dance options I had (as an adult) were either one class offered to all ages or to move on to other dancing options like aerobics. I never really found anything that was offered that made me want to get up and go to class. Trust me; I tried boxing, boot camps, ice skating, aerobics, Zumba, yoga, swimming, and much more. I didn’t feel connected with any of them until I tried my first pole dance class. After my 2nd class, I ordered a pole for home and a few months into it I had lost 20 lbs., felt motivated and had a blast learning new moves.  Within 2 months I had my splits back, felt great about my body, had renewed confidence and I was hooked.

When did you start?

3 years ago I was introduced to Pole Dancing, but I only started Aerial silks in April. The silks have been a passion of mine from the minute I first saw them on TV. I was flipping channels one day and stumbled across a show I had never watched (and will never watch again) called Dance Moms. They had taken the girls to Vegas and were teaching them on the Silk Hammocks. After watching the girls fly in the air and perform tricks – I knew it looked hard, but I thought I could do it.  I started researching Silk Hammocks on YouTube but only found a handful of videos. I realized then that this was something I needed to bring women in my area and offer them this amazing new method of exercise.  After my first lesson (from a Aerial Master, we brought into the studio for 2 months of training) I started to fall madly in love. I discovered my body could easily maneuver on the silks and that not only was it graceful and challenging, but it was so much fun! Now I teach 3 times a week and practice every chance I get. My goal is to share my love of Silks with everyone I can.

Silks are offered Mondays at 7:00, Thursdays at 7:00 and Saturdays at 11:00.  Drop-in classes are $20 and packages start at $49 for 5 classes in a membership plan or 5 classes for $75. The class sizes are small to allow for individual attention.

What tips would you share with someone interested in learning more?

You don’t need to be strong, fit, or young to do aerial silks (although that’s what you normally see in the media). Women of all shapes, sizes and ages can do the silks. Our silks are called “hammocks” which means they have a closed hoop on the bottom verses a regular silk that has two open ended pieces of fabric. The Hammocks are a bit easier to learn on and to make you feel more secure. Although they also are extremely challenging and give you a great workout they also give you the feeling of being fierce and flying around, stretching your body and having a great time!

Check out our recent event at The Pole Barn Studio on Facebook:


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