Meet Megan and Erin of Studio ME

Studio ME


Megan & Erin
Co-owners of Studio ME

Studio ME is a brand new specialty fitness studio located on Historic Saint Anthony Main in Northeast Minneapolis.

They offer a variety of unique programs including: TRX Suspension Training, Bosu Balance training, Yoga, SHOCKWAVE, Indo-Row as well as small group and private training sessions. We are one of a few licensed facilities in MN that teach specialty classes of Indo-Row and SHOCKWAVE. Our classes accommodate ALL fitness levels and abilities with a focus on functional fitness to prepare you for everyday life.

How did you get involved?
Megan and Erin met while playing tennis on a United States Tennis Association mixed doubles team.  Megan had been dreaming of opening her own studio when she first met Erin.  It wasn’t until they went on vacation with their tennis team to Palm Springs, CA to watch the BMP Paribas Open (tennis tournament) that the dream started to become a reality. We quickly learned of our shared passion for fitness and overall wellbeing.

When did you start?
Studio ME has been open for just over one month.  We believe in helping YOU perform everyday activities.  We specialize in TRX suspension training, indoor rowing, and yoga. We truly believe that group fitness is for everyone and you can achieve so much more when you have the support. We want to continue to grow our studio, increase members and create a family feel where everyone knows each other.

What motivates you to continue?
Our biggest motivator has to be our members.  Seeing them show up to class excited, reaching goals, and improving their overall well-being is extremely rewarding and reminds us of why we started this whole journey in the first place.

Where is your favorite place to work out?
At Studio ME!  Our favorite thing to do is take the rowing machines outside and row in the sun when able to, although it looks like we may be done with that for the year after this snow storm!

To us, being well is about taking care of both your mind and your body.  Eating healthy and working out regularly play a big role in this, but we believe it’s also important to make time to simply relax and not let the stresses of everyday life take over.

What is your favorite food to indulge in post workout?
Megan has an incredible sweet tooth, so her favorite food to indulge in is ice cream.  If she could, she would eat it every night!  Erin, on the other hand, sticks to the more savory side of things and loves to eat macaroni and cheese!

Opening the studio has been an awesome experience for us. We have learned so many things that we never thought we would experience, and it has been quite the ride.  We appreciate each of our members and after every class we are reminded why we started the studio. We hope to continue offering new and exciting group fitness formats to everyone!

Check out our recent event at Studio ME on Facebook


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