Wednesday Workout Warrior – Sara Hanson

 CrossFit, a love/hate for jumping rope and her discovery of Beauty Counter keep Sara well and balanced.

Beautycounter by Sara Hanson

 What makes you passionate about the activity sport you participate in?

I think more than anything, CrossFit is empowering. The feeling of getting a PR in an Olympic lift is amazing. Sara started CrossFit in 2013.

How did you get involved?

My husband had been doing CrossFit for about 4 years in our basement and was completely in love with it. I had done a few workouts with him and liked it, but I was not consistent at all. Then when a CrossFit gym opened up near us we joined right away and I have been consistently getting to the gym and now I too, Love CrossFit! (Except when I hate it… But, I keep going back for more!)

How has it improved your life/ attitude/ well being?

It has been amazing for me. Working out at the level that I do has improved my physical strength, but it has also given me mental strength.   It has definitely made me healthier and happier!


What motivates you to continue?

Hitting a PR at the gym is a huge motivator! I have consistently been getting stronger over the past year. I just got a PR in an Olympic lift called the snatch. 90lbs! I am so close to 100lbs and can’t wait to get there!


What workout gadget/gear/etc. are you loving right now?

I love my Inov8 weight lifting shoes! And I have a love/hate relationship with my jump rope.


What dietary or lifestyle changes have you made to help keep you healthy?

I have recently cut out milk as well as grains and I feel so much better and less bloated. It has made a big difference for me.   Also, this summer I learned about a new company called Beautycounter, this company’s mission is to get safe products into the hands of everyone. Beautycounter has created skin care/cosmetics lines that are effective and also safe. Previous to finding Beautycounter, I was not aware that the United States has not passed a federal law to regulate the ingredients of personal care products since 1938! European countries have spent the past two decades banning or restricting more than 1,300 ingredients, the U.S. has banned only 11 to date. Isn’t that crazy? Beautycounter has banned more than 1,500 ingredients and their products are incredible. I loved them so much I became a consultant. I feel so much better knowing that my whole family is decreasing their toxic load and I am passionate about educating others about the lack of regulation in this industry. Plus, the makeup is pretty and the shampoo smells amazing!


What are your favorite Beautycounter products?

Well, it’s hard to choose, but I would say the Lustro Body Oil, the Clean Everyday Shampoo and the Essentials Everyday Hydrating Cream are among my top picks.

FB page: Beautycounter by Sara Hanson



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