Talking Resolutions from Katie Kubes



Let’s talk resolutions.

With the New Year just days away, many are ramping up for their 2015 New Year’s resolutions. If you are a regular gym-goer throughout the year, you are well versed in the chaos that ensues come January 1 at your gym. Perhaps the insanity lasts into February, maybe even March. Without question, though, things are back to normal by the time the snow starts to melt.

I am certainly not one to talk. Every year I have a list of items I resolve to focus on throughout the year. Come end of February, however, that focus has been tainted by an abundance of distractions, as I’m sure most can relate. That’s life, right?

According to findings published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, 50% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, many having to do with weight loss, diet, exercise, quitting smoking, etc. This statistic then begs the question: why do so many fail?

It boils down to two words: behavior change. People make resolutions as a way to motivate themselves to be better, but what they forget is their willingness to change their behavior long term. For example, one may resolve to lose weight using diet and exercise. While this may be effective short term, it is not sustainable. Long-term success requires behavior change, a shift in thinking, “rewiring” your brain, so to speak.

My intent is certainly not to make you feel that your New Year’s resolutions have already failed (they haven’t even started!), but rather to bring attention to WHY resolutions do tend to fail. How about we change that in 2015?! After all, New Year, New You!

Here are a few ways you can maximize the success of your 2015 resolutions:

  • Make one resolution, instead of several (always my downfall).
  • Make your resolution simple and specific, such as walking 2 miles 3 days per week, or walking at least 10,000 steps per day. Make no mistake, resolving to lose weight is not specific enough! Your resolution should be tangible, such as ‘lose 10 pounds in 90 days.’
  • Identify someone that will hold you accountable to your goal and report back to them daily, weekly, bi-weekly, etc.
  • Take small steps and celebrate milestones. What is something you can do today that will move you closer to your ultimate goal?

Cheers to you and yours this New Year, and to making it your very best year yet!


Katie Kubes is an American Council on Exercise certified fitness professional and has been teaching Spinning® classes since 2012. She also recently became certified as a Tabata Bootcamp™ trainer.

Katie has always been passionate about health and wellness, particularly as it relates to group fitness. She loves to motivate others to push themselves past what they think is physically possible.

Katie blogs for the Wellness Project monthly, where she shares fitness ideas, stories and motivation each month.


Fabulous Friday – the last of 2014!

As the year wraps, here our some our favorite things from 2014.


Pole Barn Studio

The Pole Barn Studio in Downtown Stillwater offers unique women’s classes in Pole Fitness, Aerial Silks, Flex and Dance designed to provide a new way to get in shape.

Studio ME

Studio ME

This fitness studio located on Historic Saint Anthony Main in Northeast Minneapolis offers a variety of unique programs including: TRX Suspension Training, Bosu Balance training, Yoga, SHOCKWAVE, Indo-Row as well as small group and private training sessions.


barre hug

The Barre Studio

This fitness studio has locations in Wayzata and Edina.  The barre exercise class is a unique blend of pilates, yoga & strength training that utilizes a ballet barre for support and resistance, creating the most efficient, sustainable and comprehensive workout around.


Fabletics – First outfit is 50% off!

Kate Hudson’s workout wear delivered direct to your door.  Comfy, fashionable and wearable during a tough class.



Fab Friday Features Outdoor Fun. Plus, make the most out of your spare 15 minutes this week.

Celebrate Winter & Snowshoe at Split Rock Lighthouse State Park

12/21 is the winter solstice, enjoy a guided night hike and warm bonfire.  Meet at the Trail Center – there are a limited number of snowshoes available for use.

Intro to Ice Fishing on Mic Mac Lake

12/27 at Tettegouche State Park you can join the park naturalist and volunteers for an ice fishing expedition on one of the most beautiful lakes in Minnesota. Load up your sled and hike 1.7 miles on the groomed trail into Tettegouche Camp on Mic Mac Lake. Check in at the warm Camp Lodge for a cup of coffee or cocoa, then head out onto the frozen lake.  Staff and volunteers will help beginners get set up with loaner equipment. Bring your own if you’ve got it! Bait and hot beverages will be provided. The heated bathroom building will be open for your convenience.

Northwoods Holiday Festival

12/27 and 28th in Grand Rapids, experience a winter wonderland with winter activities for the whole family including dog sledding, sleigh rides, skiing, ice skating, sledding on Logger’s Mountain, snow sculptures, snowball launching, music and food. Tours of the logging camp will also be offered.

Sleepless Run in St. Paul/Harriet Island

This 5K walk/run has fun for the entire family on 12/20, so get moving!

15 Minute Workouts – No Excuses!

We promise, if you take the time for  15 minute workouts this week, you will be much more Merry & Bright come Christmas morning. We pulled a few workouts from our favorite Pinterest Boards to show you how easy it can be.  Find more workout ideas and inspiration:


Ladder photo












10 minute


10-Minute HIIT Treadmill Workout #HIIT


Work Out Warrior Wednesday: Meet me at The Barre

barre hug

Paula Warford & Rachel (Warford) Tessalone

The Wellness Project checked in with the owners of The Barre to find out what inspires them and keeps them moving.

What makes you passionate about the activity sport you participate in?

Paula Warford & I (Rachel (Warford) Tessalone),( sisters-in-law and best friends 🙂 fell in love with barre classes while we were living in NYC – we were both avid exercisers & athletes but had never tried anything that challenged us in this way, nor had we found anything quite so effective! Barre classes completely changed our perspective on group exercise classes, and completely changed our bodies – we were both into cardio and didn’t know that we were able to change and sculpt our bodies, let alone in such an effective and efficient way! We had never felt so empowered and strong, and knew that barre classes would be a major part of both of our lives.

How did you get involved and when did you start? 

Paula moved to Wayzata with her family in 2010 and searched the Twin Cities for a barre studio before turning up empty–handed – there were no true barre classes yet! At the same time, I had been considering moving back to my native midwest after years in NYC, but agreed that rather than live without barre (impossible!), we needed to think of a more suitable alternative…after studying the technique more deeply and getting trained as instructors in a traditional barre method on the east coast, we decided they could have the best of both worlds: I joined paula in Wayzata, but brought a little slice of NYC with me and we opened our first studio in Wayzata in 2011 and our second studio in Edina in 2013.

How has it improved your life,  attitude & well being?

In so many ways – when we were “just” students, barre classes made both of us feel healthier and happier, but we must say that the community that has been created in both of our studios honestly goes even further – regardless of the type of day we are having, we have never left the studio feeling anything less than just perfectly happy – we have the most amazing group of women that frequent our studios, and it has become such a positive, welcoming and warm environment. As instructors, we are elated to have the opportunity to impact other women and introduce them to our method, which changed our lives, and help them take positive steps in their lives. We always say, whether you come to class to look better, feel better, feel stronger or just get an hour of “me” time – you will always leave class successfully getting that!

What tips would you share with someone interested in learning more?

Our classes are open to everyone – no experience or flexibility required! We love to say: come as you are, and we will help customize class to your level – we always provide modifications or challenges so that the experience can be unique and challenge you wherever you are that day. We are here to support you on your personal journey. Plus, your first class is free – so you have nothing to lose!

Meet Paula and Rachel or other members of their fabulous team at The Barre.

Check some of the photos from our recent Takeover at The Barre Edina –

Fabulous Friday is here again! Ideas for the Weekend


Our picks to keep you fierce, fit and fabulous this weekend.


Commit to your 2015 races now and score a free jacket!

Sign up for 4 of the following MN Running Series races to qualify:

  • Goldy’s Run 10 Mile Run
  • Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon Run
  • Lola’s Half Marathon Run
  • Minnesota Half Marathon Run
  • Turkey Trot 10K


Lace up your shoes and run the 2014 Dreidel Dash Sunday, December 14 5K, 10K & Maccabee Mini Mile


Take part in the Frozen Frolic Winter Mountain Bike Race Series

Dust off the bike and complete a 10.5-mile loop through trees and snow; then warm up at the trailhead for awards and door prizes. Studded tires approved. Helmets required. Registration begins at 10 AM; race starts at 11 AM


Biking and Caroling? Why Not?

Sing the holiday classics that we all love while pedaling the streets in downtown Stillwater.  Don’t miss out on this festive experience!


Seeking Gift Inspiration for you Fitness Friends & Family?

Check out these great ideas:



Wednesday Workout Warrior – Meet Melissa Worm

Melissa Worm
Meet Melissa Worm. Instructor, Climber, Outdoor Enthusiast.
How did you get involved?
After my third daughter, I gave up my career as an Art Director. I loved being a mother of 3 young girls but felt my inner “me” was getting buried too deep with each potty training discussion. So, I thought back to my list of things I always wanted to try and decided to learn how to rock climb. I called Vertical Endeavors in St. Paul and took a basic safety class.
When did you start?
That was almost 10 years ago. For years I learned the technique of climbing and rope management. Eventually I started ice climbing and now I’m also enjoying the challenge of mountaineering.
How has it improved you life?
Climbing has opened so many doors…travel, people, safety skills, fitness and knots. I know lots of knots! Climbing takes a level of self control and concentration that I had never experienced. I have gained so much from pushing myself beyond what I had ever expected, it drives me to explore more.
Tips for someone interested:
One of the best gateways is to take the basic safety class. Once you are a competent belayer there are clubs and teams to join to find good partners. Another great opportunity for ice climbing is the free beginners clinic at the Sandstone Ice Climbing Festival. It’s held every December in Sandstone MN. This years it’s December 12-14.
Right now mountains are motivating me. There’s no way to explain why the peace and serenity paired with the physical and mental challenge of a mountain can be worth a years preparation. Well, there are the views! Yes, mountains are great to look up at but its priceless to experience the summit and look out for miles.
Favorite places to workout:
Stillwater stairs and hiking in the local parks…easy to get to and no schedules to work around.
Favorite body part:
I like my feet. They take me places.
Favorite food for fast energy:
Turkey sausage and egg on half English muffin and on a mountain climb it’s shortbread cookies!
Being well mean to you:
I look at it two ways, being well and living well. I see being well as the ability to step back and recognize your own areas of strength and weakness. Living well is making a decision to work towards maintaining strengths or changing weaknesses in both mental and physical areas.
Follow the Wellness Project on Facebook to get inspired by other Workout Warriors. If you have a passion you would like to share, or know someone who inspires you, drop us a note –

Be Merry! Holiday themed events fill the weekend.

Jill Ugly Sweater


Frozen Frolic Winter Mountain Bike Race Series

December 6 – Elm Creek Park

Dust off the bike for a six-race series at two premiere single-track trails. Complete a 10.5-mile loop through trees and snow; then warm up at the trailhead for awards and door prizes. Studded tires approved. Helmets required. Registration begins at 10 AM; race starts at 11 AM.

RUN! Holiday Inspired Road Races

December 6 – Reindeer Run

5K Lake Harriet

Grab your friends and get in the holiday spirit.

Dreidel Dash

December 7 10K and 5K – St. Paul

Ugly Sweater Dash

December 7, St. Louis Park 5K



Hit the Slopes –


The Wellness Project Takes Over The Barre – Wednesday, December 10, 7:15; Edina

RSVP via Facebook or