Wednesday Workout Warrior – Meet Melissa Worm

Melissa Worm
Meet Melissa Worm. Instructor, Climber, Outdoor Enthusiast.
How did you get involved?
After my third daughter, I gave up my career as an Art Director. I loved being a mother of 3 young girls but felt my inner “me” was getting buried too deep with each potty training discussion. So, I thought back to my list of things I always wanted to try and decided to learn how to rock climb. I called Vertical Endeavors in St. Paul and took a basic safety class.
When did you start?
That was almost 10 years ago. For years I learned the technique of climbing and rope management. Eventually I started ice climbing and now I’m also enjoying the challenge of mountaineering.
How has it improved you life?
Climbing has opened so many doors…travel, people, safety skills, fitness and knots. I know lots of knots! Climbing takes a level of self control and concentration that I had never experienced. I have gained so much from pushing myself beyond what I had ever expected, it drives me to explore more.
Tips for someone interested:
One of the best gateways is to take the basic safety class. Once you are a competent belayer there are clubs and teams to join to find good partners. Another great opportunity for ice climbing is the free beginners clinic at the Sandstone Ice Climbing Festival. It’s held every December in Sandstone MN. This years it’s December 12-14.
Right now mountains are motivating me. There’s no way to explain why the peace and serenity paired with the physical and mental challenge of a mountain can be worth a years preparation. Well, there are the views! Yes, mountains are great to look up at but its priceless to experience the summit and look out for miles.
Favorite places to workout:
Stillwater stairs and hiking in the local parks…easy to get to and no schedules to work around.
Favorite body part:
I like my feet. They take me places.
Favorite food for fast energy:
Turkey sausage and egg on half English muffin and on a mountain climb it’s shortbread cookies!
Being well mean to you:
I look at it two ways, being well and living well. I see being well as the ability to step back and recognize your own areas of strength and weakness. Living well is making a decision to work towards maintaining strengths or changing weaknesses in both mental and physical areas.
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