Work Out Warrior Wednesday: Meet me at The Barre

barre hug

Paula Warford & Rachel (Warford) Tessalone

The Wellness Project checked in with the owners of The Barre to find out what inspires them and keeps them moving.

What makes you passionate about the activity sport you participate in?

Paula Warford & I (Rachel (Warford) Tessalone),( sisters-in-law and best friends 🙂 fell in love with barre classes while we were living in NYC – we were both avid exercisers & athletes but had never tried anything that challenged us in this way, nor had we found anything quite so effective! Barre classes completely changed our perspective on group exercise classes, and completely changed our bodies – we were both into cardio and didn’t know that we were able to change and sculpt our bodies, let alone in such an effective and efficient way! We had never felt so empowered and strong, and knew that barre classes would be a major part of both of our lives.

How did you get involved and when did you start? 

Paula moved to Wayzata with her family in 2010 and searched the Twin Cities for a barre studio before turning up empty–handed – there were no true barre classes yet! At the same time, I had been considering moving back to my native midwest after years in NYC, but agreed that rather than live without barre (impossible!), we needed to think of a more suitable alternative…after studying the technique more deeply and getting trained as instructors in a traditional barre method on the east coast, we decided they could have the best of both worlds: I joined paula in Wayzata, but brought a little slice of NYC with me and we opened our first studio in Wayzata in 2011 and our second studio in Edina in 2013.

How has it improved your life,  attitude & well being?

In so many ways – when we were “just” students, barre classes made both of us feel healthier and happier, but we must say that the community that has been created in both of our studios honestly goes even further – regardless of the type of day we are having, we have never left the studio feeling anything less than just perfectly happy – we have the most amazing group of women that frequent our studios, and it has become such a positive, welcoming and warm environment. As instructors, we are elated to have the opportunity to impact other women and introduce them to our method, which changed our lives, and help them take positive steps in their lives. We always say, whether you come to class to look better, feel better, feel stronger or just get an hour of “me” time – you will always leave class successfully getting that!

What tips would you share with someone interested in learning more?

Our classes are open to everyone – no experience or flexibility required! We love to say: come as you are, and we will help customize class to your level – we always provide modifications or challenges so that the experience can be unique and challenge you wherever you are that day. We are here to support you on your personal journey. Plus, your first class is free – so you have nothing to lose!

Meet Paula and Rachel or other members of their fabulous team at The Barre.

Check some of the photos from our recent Takeover at The Barre Edina –


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