A Fierce, Fit & Fabulous You in 2015!

new years

The Wellness Project’s guide to small changes you can take in the New Year for big impact. Pick one or two, stick with then add another.


Water. Drink a glass of water 45 minutes before you do anything else in the a.m. (even before you brush your teeth). For improved digestion, skin, and metabolism. http://bit.ly/1B3ZvYq


Apple Cider Vinegar. You know you should be incorporating it into your diet. It lowers blood sugar, alleviates indigestion, and aids in curing the hangover. http://bit.ly/174CoST


Turmeric. The new wonder herb. This anti-inflammatory power player is chalk full of antioxidant power. Great for joint strength. http://thd.co/1tAfwVp


Bone Broth. Bone broth is showing up on the menus of East coast coffee shops. Grandma was right, chicken soup is a cure-all. http://bit.ly/1lqZP8o


Coconut Oil. As a teeth whitener, a cholesterol controller, a skin softener, the list goes on and on. Swap it out in place of olive oil. Sneak a teaspoon in your smoothie. http://bit.ly/1bxIDMn


Green Tea. It’s a classic swap out. Switch up your sugary coffee for green tea. Bonus, it’s a weight loss aid. http://bit.ly/1bJLc0u


Try something new. Hot yoga, run your first 5k, learn to cycle (with shoe clips); rock climb, find a new trail. Move that body. Use the Wellness Project’s weekly blog as your Fitspiration.


Whatever you do in 2015- Do it well. Stick with it. Cheers to being Fierce, Fit & Fabulous in 2015!


Editors Picks: Pam is adding green tea & turmeric daily. In addition to the return of hot yoga in her life.

Sara is drinking that glass of water & adding coconut oil to her morning smoothie.  She’s currently on the hunt for a new fitness class to add into her weekly workout schedule.


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