Our month with ClassPass


What do barre, sculpt yoga, crossfit, shockwave, heat yoga and solidcore all have in common?  These were some of the workouts we explored during the month of February through ClassPass.

ClassPass is fairly new to the Twin Cities – it launched in late December, but has been very popular in other markets since 2013.    Co-founder Payal Kadakia told Elle Magazine, “It’s about variety, it’s about being able to go and flexibly try the different workouts, to have the freedom. We want people to be active so you’ll be happier, and be more yourself.”

The Wellness Project tested out ClassPass for a month and here is what we loved:

  • Adventure – the freedom of trying any of the participating studios allows you to step out of your comfort zone.
  • Opportunity – you can try a class you have been curious about without a package commitment.
  • Variety – because you can sign up at any of the participating studios your workouts can be filled with a wide variety of workout types.
  • Ease – the online booking system was super easy to use and navigate.
  • Unlimited Classes – you can take as many classes each month as you want (while a member can take as many classes per month as they’d like, they can only visit the same studio 3 times per month).
  • Expertise – the studios that are part of ClassPass are truly experts in the genre of fitness that they offer. This gives you solid instruction as well as the right environment to try a new activity.
  • Value – for just $79/month, if you like the classes and the studios are conveniently located – this is a no brainer.

Here are things you should know before you commit:

  • Research – some studios/classes do not provide complete descriptions on ClassPass. You might need to explore the studio’s website or call to inquire. One of us experienced an entry level Zumba class, that didn’t provide the workout we were seeking.
  • Bravery – if you are shy or hesitant about new things, you will need to be BRAVE or find a friend. All of the studios we tried were very friendly and welcoming, but even we were a little nervous before each class.
  • Studio selection/location – because ClassPass is relatively new in this market, they are still signing up studios. So depending on where you live, this may or may not be perfect for you. There are plenty of urban studios near the downtowns, but past the first ring the options are limited.
  • Class times – because many of the studios are boutique, they offer limited classes each day. This may or may not work with your schedule.

For the Wellness Project, our month with ClassPass was exciting and re-energized our workout routines. We each walked away with a new favorite workout – heat sculpt yoga, crossfit and solidcore. We are all open to trying ClassPass again and definitely would recommend it to someone looking to recharge their workouts, find variety or simply looking to expand their fitness level.

To learn more visit: http://classpass.com/faq


2 thoughts on “Our month with ClassPass

  1. I agree, sometimes it’s difficult to check out a new class alone! Most places are friendly but I’ve found that a few are a little stuck up and it really hurts the workout if I’m not very comfortable there.


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