5 Ways to Earn Your Chocolate Bunny Ears

bunny ears

1.(Beer) Run

Join us at 11AM on Saturday, April 4th at Dangerous Man Brewery Co and enjoy a fun-run 5k throughout the surrounding neighborhood & parks! Walk, jog, run… no one cares! We’ve mapped out an awesome course that starts and ends at the brewery and our guides along the way will make sure you know where to go. Cross the finish line and celebrate! All participants receive a FREE craft brew from Dangerous Man and get to take home a collectors pint glass or seasonal swag item. Bring the whole gang!

  1. Sweat & Sculpt

Heat Yoga Studio is a community based studio offering heated and non-heated yoga classes for students of all levels. Our diverse program includes classes like HOT Yoga (104-105 Degrees), Intermediate (98-100 Degrees), Restorative Yoga (No Heat), Gentle Flow (Warm), Rocket, Broga and Yoga Sculpt. We begin bright and early for those who practice before work and hold classes conveniently 7 days per week. Heat Yoga is committed to providing high quality instruction in a welcoming, loving and respectful environment. Whether you’re looking for a good sweat, deep stretch or a mental recovery flow there’s something for everyone. http://heatyogastudio.com/

  1. Peddle Indoor


  1. Peddle Outdoor

Check out your favorite MN Trail!

  1. Hike with your best fury friend

Last week, USA Today published a list of the top 10 dog parks in the USA — and Maple Grove’s very own Elm Creek Reserve Dog Park made the list!

Not only does Elm Creek Park Reserve boast a dog park, but it also has 20 miles of walking trails, a fenced-off pond, and plenty of amenities: restrooms, poo bags, water bowls, and picnic tables. And although it’s only about 40 minutes outside of downtown Minneapolis, the woodsy park has a wonderfully rustic feel and skijoring trails in the winter. If you haven’t visited yet, this looks like a great weekend to make the trip!

Happy Easter.


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