Wednesday Warrior – Meet Molly Hanten of Alchemy


The Wellness Project had a chance to sweat (literally, we dripped with sweat) with Molly at our recent Take Over of Alchemy. We caught up with her after to get her take on how she stays, fierce, fit and fabulous

Where is your favorite place to work out?

Alchemy, of course! 🙂

We believe women need to love their bodies, what is your favorite body part and why?

My Hip! Because I broke it a little over a year ago and have a whole new appreciation for them and working out in general!

What is your favorite go to food/drink for a fast go to boost of energy?

I am a sucker for Whole Foods- you can find anything from a smoothie, salad or snack bar there!

What is your favorite food to indulge in post workout?

Great question! I usually crave and eat whole foods and eat pretty well BUT when I want to indulge it is either an amazing burger (Parlour Burger, please) or cake. Cake is my favorite food

What does being well mean to you?

Taking care of yourself not only physically but mentally and emotionally, we will never be perfect at any of them but string for all three aspects to be balanced is key!

What workout gadget/gear/etc. are you loving right now? 

I am a no gadgets girl- i like to zone out when I workout- nothing beeping at me etc. I dig a good playlist though, so I guess and iPod!

Meet Molly and check out a class at – you will not regret it!


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