5 Simple Ways to Embrace the School Year


  1. Get enough sleep.

The benefits of enough sleep range from improved overall health to clarity in thinking. Tuck yourself in early at night.


2. Healthy Meal Plan.

The best planned Sunday makes for a great week. Take time to organize your food plan to keep healthy food in your path. Cooking Light made it easy with an entire month of food ideas.


3. Make time to sweat.

Make an appointment with yourself. Put sweat time on your calendar. Look for not so obvious ways to work out during your day – like running while the kids are at soccer practice. Work will thank you!


4. Pamper Yourself.

You don’t need to carve out a 8 hour spa day to pamper yourself (but if you can, go for it!). Take pleasure in the little things. Add lemon to your water, take a five minute stretch break, get a brow wax.


5. Hydrate.

Drink Enough Water. Period.